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Welcome to the home of Axiom Metaphysics and  The Knights of Awakening. Here you will find your one stop place for those just starting to wake up to those who have already walked a thousand miles on their path. We offer the information, guidance, experience, and all the tools you need to be successfull in your craft. Looking for information on a particular subject? Wanting to hear your favorite episodes from the KOA, Dissonance, The Labyrinth, Force Realists, Ashla Knights, or Shatterpoints? Looking for that perfect gift for yourself or someone special? Do you want to expand your understanding further than you thought possible? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place



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Force Realists: Being Objective


 In this episode of Force Realist Prezi, Ally talks about something that should be near and dear to all Force Realists hearts: Being Objective.


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Snake News: The Ferguson Trials

In the wake of Ferguson Trials, a team of Jedi, Sith, an experienced veteran (Isaac) and the infamous KoA Ninja Nathan Thompson join together to discuss the events which have surfaced as a result of a cop discharging his weapon.  Hosts Khaos and Alethea “Setanaoko” Thompson guide the conversation which takes you through a number of topics and examples pulled from the panels’ experiences and knowledge.  If you have about three hours of time to listen in, it’s a fun conversation.  Welcome to KoA’s first episode of “Snake News”…name pending. KOA On Fire

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When Crises Strikes

This episode Alethea comes back after a LONG hiatus to discuss what you can do when Tragedy Strikes.  We are joined by Labyrinth host Charles McBride, well known Sith Realist Khaos, Physics Hobbiest Nathan and Christian Jedi Rosalyn.

Some topics covered- Positive Group Thought, Action vs. Inaction, and how to effect America's response to the problem of ISIS.


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