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Welcome to the home of Axiom Metaphysics and  The Knights of Awakening. Here you will find your one stop place for those just starting to wake up to those who have already walked a thousand miles on their path. We offer the information, guidance, experience, and all the tools you need to be successfull in your craft. Looking for information on a particular subject? Wanting to hear your favorite episodes from the KOA, Dissonance, The Labyrinth, Force Realists, Ashla Knights, or Shatterpoints? Looking for that perfect gift for yourself or someone special? Do you want to expand your understanding further than you thought possible? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place



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The Soul Armor


Australian Mystic, Jedi Journeyman, and Former Lord of the Dark Aspect Michael, known by many as William Kaede, hosts a special edition of the Labyrinth to introduce an extension of the Soul Sword. Today he will talk about the Inner Light and it's expression within the soul, the Soul Armour. KOA Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth 4-5-2014

KOA Labyrinth Join our host Charles as we review recent episodes of Knghts of Awakening Content and dive into the failure of the Soul Sword Technique as well as the term Jedi Master and it's negative impact on the Jedi community.

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Westbro Founder Dies and the Cold War in Russia

Join us as we say farewell to the Westboro Baptist Church Leader & Founder & we explore the potential of a new Cold War with Russia. ashla logo

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Your Religion and Jedi

For some this question is hard to answer, and if it's on your mind, perhaps this video can help you better understand how to approach the question with your deity.


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Order 66 of the New SW Movies and The Singularity

Join Master Thompson and guests as they debate the prospect of whether or not George Lucas is executing an Order 66 on Disney and what that might mean for the franchise's future.  The panel also discusses the many aspects of "Convergence", or "The Singularity" which is depicted in the upcoming movie: TRANSCENDENCE. - This is a must hear. ashla logo

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Oracles And Stupid Ideas

Charles takes us on a tour of basic oracle work and the worst implementations and uses of oracles in mystical and day to day practices during this Labyrinth Episode.

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Spankings + The Evelotion of Douchbaggery

First, Charles, Sammy-Jay & Master Thompson discuss whether or not spanking your children should be considered a viable punishment and/or determent and then the panel shifts gears and explores and debates the increasing criticisms & reservations about Google’s new “Glass”. ashla logo

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Should Prescription Drug Addiction/Death Be Malpractice?

Master Thompson & Charles take aim at the pharmaceutical industry as they tackle the prescription drug epidemic. ashla logo

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