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Welcome to the home of Axiom Metaphysics and  The Knights of Awakening. Here you will find your one stop place for those just starting to wake up to those who have already walked a thousand miles on their path. We offer the information, guidance, experience, and all the tools you need to be successfull in your craft. Looking for information on a particular subject? Wanting to hear your favorite episodes from the KOA, Dissonance, The Labyrinth, Force Realists, Ashla Knights, or Shatterpoints? Looking for that perfect gift for yourself or someone special? Do you want to expand your understanding further than you thought possible? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place



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When Crises Strikes

This episode Alethea comes back after a LONG hiatus to discuss what you can do when Tragedy Strikes.  We are joined by Labyrinth host Charles McBride, well known Sith Realist Khaos, Physics Hobbiest Nathan and Christian Jedi Rosalyn.

Some topics covered- Positive Group Thought, Action vs. Inaction, and how to effect America's response to the problem of ISIS.


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Peer Pressure and Social Conditioning

This week I challenged Charles and others to the ALS ice bucket challenge and posted the video to facebook. The conversation has caused some to raise concern over peer pressure and social conditioning. Charles and I explore the topic of peer pressure and social conditioning as it unfolded on the facebook video post. The show is a very candid conversation on these topics. Beware the show contains language that some may find unsuitable. koafireylogo

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Mystical Charms and Intuitive Magick

Today's Labyrinth Episode we explore the creation of charms, tools, and personal systems of mysticism mixing intuitive magick concepts with a basic layout for mystical practices. This episode provides a step by step guide in how to create the tools you will need for the charms you shuold have. KOA Labyrinth

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The Leftovers Analysis

Using the HBO Original Series...The Leftovers as basis for this week's show topic, Master Thompson, Sammy Jay and Charles attempt to explore what it might be like for those who are left behind in the wake of a Biblical Rapture. ashla logo

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Unnecessary Censor: Ashla Knights 6-4-2014

A quick Unnecessary Censoring Ashla Knights clip from our recent 6-4-2014 show.

ashla logo

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Building Energy Reserves


qicondensation Today we examine the often misunderstood concept of meditation and energetic reserves. Meditation has become a catch all term for any action that brings one into an altered state of consciousness and while this is true traditional meditations such as Zazen and Kata meant to bring one into the Mushin state do not always integrate the internalization and storage of energy, often understood as Qi, in forms such as Qi Gong.

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The Bergdahl's Release

Master Thompson, Charles and a ideologically diverse guest panel discuss and debate President Obama's negotiation of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's release. Was the President right to countermand America's policy of never negotiating with terrorists? Was Sgt. Bergdahl worth the price of his release? ashla logo

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Are you under attack?

Are You Under Attack?

One of the very first Labyrinth Episodes at The Knights of Awakening was one focusing on the concept of being under some form of mystical, metaphysical, ethereal, or supernatural attack. It was important in the early days of the show that we establish what this meant, why it was important to be able to determine if you are under attack, and methods you can use to counter such attacks. Since then the show has grown exponentially in it's topics covering metaphysics, martial arts, philosophy, training regimes, and various other areas of interest. Still the primary meat and potatoes of this show has always been the art of the supernatural. Today we go back to take a look at this key component of spiritual safety and defense.


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